Archiform launches its office in London to strengthen its operations in Europe.

Meanwhile, the British Society of International Designers (SBID) announced the nomination of Archiform as the finalist of the 2018 Best Project Award in the field of office design for its international sales office for Al Marasem Real Estate Company in Cairo. The award will be announced on 25 October 2018, at the House of Lords, at the Royal Westminster Palace. Archiform will also participate in the annual London Architectural Design Festival from 15 to 23 September.
"The importance of opening the London office is that it makes Archiform closer to it's customers in Europe and enables us to contribute to the development of engineering consultancy sectors worldwide," said Medhat Nehad, founder and president of Archiform. Presented by our joint office with SSH in Germany. Archiform Chairman expressed his satisfaction with the appreciation of customers in Europe for the designs offered by the company.
Archiform has an extensive history spanning several successful and award winning projects in Egypt, the Middle East and globally, particularly in Britain, Germany and the Gulf countries. The company offers turnkey projects including engineering consultancy, interior design and design for residential, administrative and utility projects. Archiform's unique expertise extends to the designs of Townhouse, Villas, hotels, leisure and tourism projects, educational institutions, administrative and commercial offices, offices and international airports. The company has also executed several interior and interior design projects for many royal and government palaces in the Middle East.
The nomination of the British Society of International Designers (SBID) for Archiform in the shortlist to win the Best Project Award for 2018 in the field of office design is an appreciation of the role played by Archiform in this area and the excellence of its designs internationally, International awards in all areas of architectural design, from which companies compete from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Dr Vanessa Brady, Managing Director of the British Society of International Designers (SBID), said: "This years competition is huge by any measure, even in comparison to previous years. The award-winning projects spanning 42 countries worldwide reflect the evolution And innovation in the architectural design sectors at the level of the 14 branches to be covered by the award."
Architect Medhat Nehad, Chairman of Archiform, said that the jury team of the British International Designers Association (SBID) has chosen the design of Archiform for the main sales office of the International Real Estate Agency, Cairo, within the short list of projects eligible for the Best Project Award for 2018 in the field of office design. It is an integrated design, with customers taking a similar journey from their arrival to the headquarters of the center. "The design is designed to make visitors a unique tour, through a festive walkway, leading to a luxurious reception area, in the natural daylight, which provides an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and relaxation, not just a functional space."
The projects that are nominated to win the Association's prizes are scrutinized by a panel of judges, including the world's leading experts in the fields of consultancy and architecture, in two phases, including artistic aspects and creative origin, as well as the commitment of design to meet the functional requirements of the project and health and safety standards. Related to costs and budget. Voting by staff in those areas plays an important role in awarding prizes. More than 100,000 people took part in the vote last year.
Medhat Nehad, founder and president of Archiform, one of the leading architectural designers, is accredited by the British Society of International Designers (SBID). He is also a member of the Engineers Syndicate in Egypt.
Archiform, founded in 1997 in Cairo, was jointly organized by Medhat Nehad and Ms. Rehab Zordok, who holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool, currently Executive Director. Since its inception, the company has implemented projects in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.